eivissa animal clinic fundraising
Eivissa Animal Clinic Fundraising  

eivissa animal clinic fundraising


In AID of CARE4CATS charity

Zoe & Justin will drive 1,133 miles, from Essex to Ibiza Town to raise funds for the EIVISSA ANIMAL CLINIC

Zoe & Justin will cover 1,133 miles in a Peugeot 306,
from Essex to Ibiza Town

in an urgent appeal to your love of animals, to fund the

Eivissa Animal Clinic

We introduce you to Zoe Belucci and her friend Justin who live in Essex, UK.
Being cat lovers and animal persons in general, the work of Care4Cats, an important Ibiza charity inspired them beyond belief. Ibiza is their own personal haven and favourite place in the world, but there is a sad side to the Island that they both love so much.

Anyone who visited the Island will know about the many stray cats who live around the villas, towns and restaurants that are highly populated in summer months.
Many of these thousands of cats; die every summer and thousands more are born without anyone that cares for them. So many cats are left to live or die on the streets, behind hotels, or bars, where they try to find food.
Unneutered, all female cats are giving birth twice each summer; and the kittens, if they survive, will starve to death when winter comes and tourists are gone.
There are areas on the island where some humans consider the large colonies a nuisance, and therefore mistreat or kill them.

British tourist Angela set up Care4Cats in 1999 after a holiday trip to Ibiza, where she rescued a starving cat. She decided to return the next year with three skilled vets that voluntary neutered and trapped 50 to 60 cats each day in an old clinic in Ibiza.

As this was the only time that these cats were seen by a veterinary surgeon, they were treated as if they were privately owned, much loved cats. They were not only neutered but checked for any ailments, problems etc. They were de-wormed and treated for fleas and ticks; they were given long acting antibiotics and long acting painkillers for any after effects and also a multi vitamin injection. The teeth and ears were checked and cleaned if necessary

The volunteers of the Care4Cats team always make sure the wild cats are returned to the place were they we trapped, and local people that love cats will provide the cats with the necessary food.
Abadoned tame cats are taken care of by fosterers, or they go to a new home.
The feral cats, after being released, are in good health and by being fed regularly they will continue a more happy life in Ibiza’s good climate.

Since then 23 visits wer made and the teams have neutered over 9000 cats sofar.

Since, as from 2012, the old clinic is no longer available to use for the Care4Cats activities the cats are now neutered by local vets, at a very generous discount.
However unfortunately the costs of each trip have almost doubled.
Since the two visits of many volunteer trappers need to continue the idea of the Eivissa Animal Clinic was born.

Since it will be the very first clinic for the purpose of helping the stray cats of Ibiza, Zoe and Justin will embark on a very special sponsored fundraising trip, driving in a  Peugeot 306, from Essex to Eivissa in one weekend, to raise extra funding to get the necessary 300.000 euro to open the Eivissa Animal Clinic.
Already having raised quite a few donations through Facebook, and publicity from Ideal Clubworld Radio.com (interviewing us on arrival), awaited by the supporting volunteers on Ibiza,

Zoe and Justin will depart on Friday 20 July at 6pm from Romford, Essex 

they are really looking forward to meet everyone upon their arrival.

Colony of feral cats in Ibiza

Cat family waiting to be neutered......

Feral cats before being released at their family beach

Ibiza 4 all, Eivissa Animal Clinic Fundraising - ESSEX TO EIVISSA 2012.
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